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How-Tuesday: Handpainted Pillows

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You will need:
Two 22” x 54” strips of white cotton canvas fabric
Multi-surface or fabric craft paints in black, teal, bright pink, yellow, and dusty pink
Paint brushes
Adhesive-backed craft foam
Blank wooden circles
White thread
Sewing Machine
Ruler or Measuring Tape
Step 1: Use wide, flat brushes to create a brushstroke pattern. I painted quick, imperfect Vs around a center point to create bursts. Begin with quite a bit of paint on the brush, painting until the brush is nearly dry. Don’t overthink it – messy can be good for this technique.
For a little contrast to the messiness of the bursts, I added in circles of black dots by creating a ring of dots with a pointed-tip paintbrush and then filling more dots in.
Step 2: Make custom stamps by cutting out shapes of your choosing from the adhesive-backed foam. I made five different irregular circle shapes – one for each of my paint colors. Remove the paper backing and stick to a blank wooden circle.
Step 3: Apply paint to a stamp using a paintbrush and stamp onto the fabric. I created a grid pattern with my irregular circles, using the edge of the wooden circles as a guide to evenly space my stamps. Put on your favorite TV series because, while this may be super easy, it can be a little time consuming.
Step 4: Once the paint has dried, trim each fabric strip down to 19” x 46.”
Step 5: Fold ½” of fabric over twice on each of the 19” edges, then press into place with a hot iron.
Step 6: Sew each of the folded ends about ¼” from the edge.
Step 7: Fold each of the sewn ends towards the center with painted side of the fabric facing inward so that each end is overlapping by 8” and the total pillow cover is just less than 18” wide. Press and pin into place.
Step 8: Sew the top and bottom edges into place about ½” from the edge. Finish the seams with a zig-zag stitch, serger, or pinking sheers (optional).
Step 9: Turn right side out, press, and finish with an 18” x 18” pillow insert.

pillows deco

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Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine
I love handmade ornaments and I’ve waited a whole year to share these little firs. It started with an email from my mom last fall after she returned from a local gardening shop she and her husband frequent. The link was to a darling multicolored felt stack Christmas tree pair, something for the mantel, cute as all get out. I don’t have the link anymore (a year is a long time!) so you’ll have to take my word for it – they were darling. Of course, I had to make them. With a few tweaks.
For my version, instead of mantel-size, I condensed their shape into ornament size and fiddled with the measurements until it looked just right. When completed, they stand 4.5″ tall and at their widest are 2.5″. While I am an equal-opportunity color lover, a white, cream and oatmeal color worked best for my decor, with a little gold topper to finish them off.
Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine
The final product is soft and cozy and perfect for to hang anywhere. Here’s how to make them:
-felt, colors are up to you
-a strip of felt, 1/2 inch wide by 2 1/2 inches long
printable size guide
-embroidery thread (or regular thread)
-glue gun
-gold paint (to paint tree top square ‘star’)
First, cut all the felt squares, the amount and size according to the printable guide.
Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine
Then start stacking them up. Begin with the bottom (4 – 1 3/4″) and stack through to the top (6 – 1/2″). I arranged my colors so none of the same were next to each other but again, that part is up to you. Run a needle and thread through the center of each of the stacks until all are strung.
Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine
Add a dot of glue to the brown piece of felt and wrap it around the thread and itself, adding another dot of glue to keep the strip in place.
Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine
To finish up, add a dot of glue to one of the two star squares and sandwich them together, making sure to secure the end of the thread in between the pieces. This step not only holds the stack in place but is where the hanging loop is created. Then arrange the felt pieces, off setting the pieces from each other.
Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine
Then hang them and smile at their adorableness.
Felt Tree Ornament | this heart of mine

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marry christmas :)

You know we’re all about crafting amazing, personal, heartfelt gifts for your nearest and dearest – so here’s 25 of our fave DIY Christmas gifts for your family and friends. And not only will they love the fact you put so much time and effort into their gift – you’ll also save you a few valuable dollars by not buying store bought ones!


marry christmas 🙂

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Tiny Tinsel Trees

Small tannenbaums with bold colors and lots of sparkle have a big impact on a tree. Form a small loop at one end of a 4-inch length of metallic pipe cleaner. This will be the top of the tree. Make branches by wrapping six to eight 2-inch lengths of pipe cleaner around the trunk, then trim them so that the branches at the top are narrower. Adhere a glass bead to the end of each branch with a dab of tacky glue. Use autility knife to cut a cork to the width of washi tape (an adult’s job) and wrap the tape around the cork. Make a hole in the cork with a pushpin,then glue the tree trunk in the hole and allow it to dry. Add a length of string for hanging the trees.

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