Christmas Tree at home

So would you like to make one? Here’s how we made hers!
These are the only 3 things you’ll need (and decorations…if you want)
The Mesh Ribbon we used was 2 1/2″ wide, if you’ve never used mesh ribbon, don’t be afraid you can’t mess up while using it -it’s very forgiving!
This foam piece for the core of the tree
And Greening Pins.
What we did was so simple we unrolled the mesh ribbon a little at a time and then twisted it….
Here’s a closer look at the twist..kind of looks like a ringlet…haha
After twisting just pin it with the greening pin, keep twisting and pining all the way around and work your way up…
Make sure to start out wider at the bottom and get more narrow as you reach the top.
And in the end you’ll have the cutest little tree ever! I just love little Christmas trees!
Then go ahead and get to decorating the most fun part right?
And ta-da! Look how awesome that turned out!
Right now I’m wishing this was my kitchen table!
have fun with it 😉

Christmas Tree at home

Christmas Tree, christmas

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